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This company was started by two friends Niesa and Tiffany conversing over dinner how far they came in their new careers and how hard it was to transition. We decided to assist others in their career transition with additional assistance in providing health and wellness programs.



Niesa Roberts, MSed, PHR, SHRM-CP 

Being in love with figuring out the unknown and love challenges brought Niesa to create Transitioning Career and Wellness Firm. She loves motivating, inspiring individuals to take a risk, a challenge, and to think outside of the box in order to accomplish their dreams and find happiness. 

Niesa developed this love from when she was in high school counseling her peers and even her teachers to follow their passion and to be true to themselves. After high school, this led Niesa to get a BA degree in Psychology and Human Resources Management and then furthered her education with a Masters in Education. Her love for the unknown and challenges led her to be in the Human Resources field for over 15 years in the private and public sectors. She has held many different roles from a generalist to an executive level. Her end goal is to always help individuals develop a career plan and personal journey to happiness. Niesa is a Long Island native and during her free time, she enjoys yoga, meditation, bike riding, and traveling the world.

Tiffany Davis

Tiffany F Davis, Co-Founder, CFO, of Transitioning Career and Wellness Firm. Tiffany has earned a Master’s in Educational Evaluation and Research, Certified Meeting Planner, and Certified Life Coach. She is from Detroit, MI, and relocated to NYC nearly a decade ago. She was a public-school teacher (years) before transitioning into Healthcare Management. Changing careers came with many obstacles that started a battle with depression. Tiffany eventually examined her life and discovered what fulfilled her. As she worked on herself and created a Blog titled “TransitioningTiffany” in 2014.  While having dinner with Niesa and having a conversation of achievement and struggles in both of their careers. The creation of Transitioning Career and Wellness Firm was born.

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